Anonymous Idiot Blog

4 05 2008

There’s a new blog on the horizon that has a unique concept going on. It’s called Anonymous Idiot

From the About page:

Here are the general traits we’re looking for in our contributers:

  • Real bloggers. If your site is a spam site, you’re out for sure. If the primary goal of your site is to sell a product or products, this isn’t for you either. You’re welcome to register and try, but we’re being pretty selective about who we’re accepting, at least for now. We really want to help real bloggers build links and have some fun.
  • Good content. One line posts that link back to you site? Can’t use ‘em. This is definitely a free speech site, but have something to say. We don’t want to have to approve every single post…we’re looking for some folks we can hand the keys over to and trust. That will take some time to build, and betraying it will get you axed quickly.
  • Ability to distinguish between what’s okay and what isn’t. For example, calling the leader of the free world either a “f**ktard” or “the second coming” are not things we would ever censor. But hateful speech, threats of physical violence to other posters or commenters, etc. can’t be tolerated. You should know where that line is. Don’t cross it.
  • The whole concept is posting things that bug the hell out of you on the lines of something like Angry Journalist.

    Very interesting.




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