What I Bought With My Economic Stimulus Check

3 05 2008

Sci Fi Chuck Taylor low tops. They were on sale.

The rest went for a toothbrush and medical bills from two years ago.

Yeah, I have a tiny foot. Hush. They are size fours.



8 responses

3 05 2008

Those are sweet!

3 05 2008

(a) those are awesome kicks…

(b) WHERE did you find that size – as my mom has a 5 1/2 (narrow) foot and can’t find shoes!

3 05 2008
chez beziat

You’ve been paying for a toothbrush for two years?

Happy stimulus spending! Those shoes are way cool.

3 05 2008

Beth, randomly I got them at some place called Off Broadway. I have learned as I have a wIde stubby foot that boys tennis shoes are sometimes the key.
Chez, I know. It was a pretty incredible toothbrush.
The shoes are, indeed, very groovy.

3 05 2008

You know what they say about small feet, right? Small shoes.

You’d better be careful walking through good neighborhoods with those on. Some nerdly little sons of engineers and computer programmers may take them from you!

3 05 2008

AWESOME shoes!!!

5 05 2008

love ’em.

15 05 2008
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