The Dude Abides: The Gospel According To The Coen Brothers

3 05 2008

As those of you who read me know, I’m a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. During it’s run, someone gave me a book about the spiritual and philosophical parallels with religious doctrine.

It made some good points that got me thinking about how religious imagery from the Bible in our popular culture.

Well, say no more, say no more there’s something new coming to your local bookstore.

The Coen Brothers’ movies are now being dissected in a new book called “The Dude Abides: The Gospel According the Coen Brothers.”

Here’s what I’ve read it is about:

From their 1984 debut, “Blood Simple,” through their most recent work, “No
Country for Old Men,” which recently was honored with 4 Oscars, each of the
Coen Brothers’ films probes ethical and spiritual quandaries.
— “Blood Simple” is the story of a man with serious doubts, and what
happens when he attempts to discover what the “truth” is.
— In “Barton Fink,” the title character, a successful New York playwright
turned Hollywood screenwriter, mortgages his soul as he struggles with
terminal writers block among the residents of, what may be, hell-fire,
demons and all.
— “The Big Lebowski” chronicles the misadventures of the Dude — stoner,
pacifist, philosopher — as he attempts to right some wrongs and
vanquish the powers of nihilism and moral turpitude.
— “O Brother Where Art Thou” follows the odyssey (spiritual and
otherwise) of three convicts, a skeptic searching for his way home and
two seeking redemption from their sins.
— “No Country for Old Men” is an epic, prophetic journey that tackles one
of theology’s most daunting conundrums, theodicy — if God is good then
why doesn’t God intervene to stop unrelenting violence — and surmises
that we don’t really know what God is thinking

I don’t know. I’m sure it will be a good read. However, I always find it interesting how our world seeks spiritual validation through pop culture. I’m no expert on this but it’s interesting to see that award-winning author Cathleen Falsani has done this but I like her blog especially her observations of Johnny Cash.

Falsani is a columnist for The Chicago Sun Times if you were wondering.

I’ll buy it. And I wonder what Falsani thinks about Battlestar Galactica ’cause whoa.




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