Nocturnal Iris

3 05 2008

After covering about 4,000 things this weekend at the little soirée in our little town, I took about a kazillion pictures.

I like this one. I learned how to take pictures in b/w because that’s what the newspaper needed and enjoyed the romance of b/w. I think I do better taking photos this way instead of color. I also only had 24 to 36 tries at it in the days of film.

And yes, I took the world’s longest nap this afternoon. Sometimes the world catches up with you and you just need a good rest where I dreamed that I blinked my eyes only to find dozens of people standing over me. They told me I had been living under the wooden slats of the floor in a local restaurant for two weeks and they couldn’t catch me.

Who knew I had become a ghost as that is what they kept saying that was what I was. A ghost underneath their feet. How peculiar.

I need a schedule man.




3 responses

3 05 2008
chez beziat

That’s such a beautiful shot.

3 05 2008

Thank you. I feel all Georgia O’Keefe.

5 05 2008

Beautiful. You might as well be shooting with a Leica that is so good.

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