Key Recognition For Mabel’s Presidential Campaign

3 05 2008

Tennessee Majority Whip Mark Maddox and Weakley County Mayor Houston Patrick sat down with Mabel today in the first round of talks about her presidential campaign and how she can lead America during these trying times. Although it would be fair to say that although Mabel appreciated the stunning recognition she received, she was at the Tennessee Iris Festival to meet the people who could put her in office.

Wearing a stunning necklace in the style of Barbara Bush, Mabel shook hands paws rather, licked faces and reiterated her campaign promise not to talk about politics, but let the actions speak for themselves.

In the spirit of saving the environment, she did eat an abandoned tray of French fries, making the streets clean from litter and debris.

And, why yes, that is Homer in the role of Condoleeza Rice with Mayor Patrick and Mabel.




6 responses

3 05 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

Awesome! Go, Mabel! Yes, we bark!

3 05 2008

Yes! Saw the Mabester today and knew she must be out working the campaign trail.

3 05 2008

All the other candidates might as well just hang it up and go be greeters at Wal-Mart or something. Mabel has it sewn up.

3 05 2008

Go Mabel! Go Mabel!

3 05 2008

Mabel’s just a Washington insider, what with her connections and ability to walk on a leash.

5 05 2008

The Blackman Barbecue is June 27th. It is THE place for political candidates in Tennessee. Plus, barbecue, Mabel! And homemade ice cream. Y’all can come lay down over at the house when you’re done politicking.

Alert your appointment secretary and get it on your calendar NOW, ma’am!


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