Exploits Revisted

2 05 2008

Many of you may, or may not as the case may be, have been wondering about my social exploits around Hoots with my buddies SQ and Badger.

Well the reason isn’t very sexy and I hate to admit that I’m not being all cool and hip but there are two realities here:

1. I kinda have a troll. Well, it’s an imaginary troll because it’s not an Internet troll so will just call my troll Nardo. Nardo is an odd sort who doesn’t smile very much. I have created a back story much more exciting for Nardo the troll because the real thing isn’t very fun or exciting and if a shrink got a hold of Nardo, well I think it would use the world narcissist. Nardo wigs me out sometimes and then other times I’m amused.

2. It’s odd having a blog that isn’t just one thing. I prattle on about politics, media, bigfoot, zombies, not understanding LOLcats, music that strikes my fancy, my dogs, Homer, things that are bright and shiny, rural media and, occasionally, a fainting goat. I think this is confusing for some people. It doesn’t confuse me because I live with myself. I also like cheese. I’m just saying.

With this said, I’ve gotten some emails talking about they miss the exploits. Who knew? I thought my engaging and witty banter about Pabst Blue Ribbon and juke joints were odd to you, my dear reader. I thought you preferred something else, like this.

So, as you have requested, there will be more juke joint shenanigans, bar art from Badger and squirrel monarchy out and about, with the fun pictures that you also say you miss, up here at the ‘coma.

And, yeah, I’m getting my mojo back.

I’ll let Carl Sims sing to you from what I believe is Memphis with “It Ain’t A Juke Joint Without The Blues.”

You got a trash talking woman named Mabel. Not a better line sung ever for this rainy day.




One response

2 05 2008

Watch… here comes Scout posting and complaining about cheese any minute now!

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