Snatching Defeat Out Of The Jaws Of Victory

30 04 2008

As I’ve been very running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off for what seems like months and haven’t seen the news in the past couple of days, I didn’t really realize the extent of the Jeremiah Wright press conference and Barack Obama’s follow-up yesterday until this morning. I admit that I’ve been a bit tired of it all.

I really have no comment on Wright’s ministry as I don’t know anything about him other than he tends to get people fired up, but after reading some of the transcripts of his appearance at the National Press Club my first reaction was that this was press stunt from the word go on several levels. I don’t think you can break down his entire life as a minister into a 25 second sound bite. With that said, many ministers I know have an ego. They are human. Wright proved that on Monday with his blustering and posturing.

I seriously think that Obama was pissed. No one can say that he didn’t try to give his former pastor the benefit of the doubt. He stood beside him until Wright went too far. And he did. No one wins in this situation (except in the long term John McCain) because the pastor became a caricature of himself, but pundits don’t care about that and Wright is an adult.

I go back to ego.

But was this scandal part of a bigger plan to break Obama’s momentum and to prey upon a nation overstimulated and weary by this never ending political campaign for president?

I don’t know, I see a different picture about this latest Wright political scandal. First of all, I see chapters being taken from the Karl Rove Handbook where the bottom line is “Destroy” and ask questions later. The mainstream television news media swarms on these sort of tactics and political spin creators know this.

We’ve been through eight years of political distractions/secrecy/spin and this is no different than what we’ve seen before. Ask about the economy a couple of years ago and then the word terrorism was thrown out at a White House Presser. You get my drift.

I really have never been a fan of Hillary Clinton because I’ve always seen her as divisive leader. I’m not saying she’s not capable but I also know she is a politician where the bottom line is to win at any cost. I’m not naive, Obama is the same. People don’t run for the presidency for anything other than a victory.

But all of this political maneuvering basically means that it’s getting to a point that you might as well start practicing saying “President John McCain” because the Democrats have, as a friend of mine said yesterday, “Snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory.” Yeah, I meant to say it that way.

It’s always about the next press stunt, the next trick that diverts the American public from seeing the bigger issue. And inadvertently the American public lets them. We will see if Indiana and North Carolina’s primaries are impacted by this latest scandal du jour.

Wright’s 15 minutes of fame has turned into 30. Will it make a difference?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is just politics as usual. This is the way the political game is played.

And, as someone who does pay attention, I’m weary of it all as well.




2 responses

30 04 2008

I have been of the belief that Hillary Clinton is attempting to ruin the party’s chances of winning the White House for some months now. With the revelation that her supporters set up the Wright Press club tour, I am now fully convinced that she is playing the “If I’m not the nominee I’m going to ruin it for everyone” game.
That would fit her personality and her psychological profile to a tee.
A spoiled, self-serving, egomaniac.

She really is the female version of Dubya. And what she’s doing to this party is just as intentional as it is depraved.

30 04 2008

Bill Clinton said the following during the 2004 election, “If Bush is elected again we will not recoginize America”. What a hypocrite because the Clintons have destroyed the Democrat Party to get back in the White House.

It is time to prepare for another rocky four years:(

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