Bob Costas And The World Of Sports Blogging

30 04 2008

This is a throwdown on Costas’ HBO show from last night about blogging, the sports world and changes in sports media.

It gets ugly. If you are offended by foul language, go look at this picture of a cat with laser beam eyes.

Bloggers Vs. Journalists, campers, and it got ugly.

Alan Sepinwall wrote this:

For this one, the panelists were Will Leitch, who runs Deadspin, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and sometime sports author H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger (“Friday Night Lights”), and poor Cleveland Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards, who looked confused and terrified about how and why he got dragged into the middle of this.
Anyway, things didn’t get off to a good start with Costas mocking/joking that he found Leitch “far more palatable in person.” It went downhill from there, as not two minutes into the segment, Bissinger cut off Leitch and said, “I have to interject, because I feel really strongly about this. I think you’re full of s**t.”

Leitch responds here on the whole trainwreck.


Video from Awful Announcing




8 responses

1 05 2008

Free speech is the dumbing down of our culture because he talked about a pitcher’s tits? What about dropping F bombs on Bob Costas’s show? Does that add to our collective intellect?

1 05 2008

I agree. Bissinger came of as “you damned kids get off my lawn.”
And I was surprised at Costas’ reaction, quite frankly.
Such an odd and very telling exchange, don’t you think.

1 05 2008

Costas has been dismissive of bloggers several times, so as someone who follows this particular culture clash pretty closely, I’m not surprised at all. I’m more surprised Will Leitch walked into that assault as passively as he did. But he’s got a book to promote.

I was actually going to write about how fucking scared of bloggers op-ed columnists like Jay Mariotti, Woody Paige, etc. are, because over 1 million people go to Deadspin every month. I sincerely doubt Vanity Fair sells a million issues in 6 months. Let’s ignore the fact that Deadspin and other blogs are ripped off all the time by radio show hosts, Sports Illustrated, and any number of other sports magazines and “legitimate media” types.

AJ Daulerio nails it in his post on Deadspin about the issue:

“Obviously, Bissinger has an uncanny ability to be a mean-spirited dick when he’s fired up about something. However, as we vividly saw last night, his mania tires out and succumbs to the inevitable comedown. It was during that comedown that Bissinger eerily changed from frothing lunatic to old, wistful writer, openly worried that Will Leitch, the floppy-haired kid sitting next to him, who is personally responsible for giving the world essays about Rich Garces’ tits and photos of drunk athletes, would one day supplant anything he’s ever done in his life.”

That’s what this is about. He’s pants-shittingly afraid of The New. Dinosaurs worried the eBays are going to turn them into fossil fuels. Let’s ignore the fact Will Leitch has written 3 books already, in spite of being just a blogger and not a real journalist like Skip Bayless.

I still occasionally read my local newspaper, but just because there’s no way I can take the Internet into the bathroom with me. Why do I point out the internet here? Because my local paper, one of a hundreds owned by Gannett, has almost no local content. It’s all AP stories, NYT reprints, and other bullshit culled off the wire services. Why in the fuck would I pay to read that when I can read it online for free?

You know what I’d like to get when I pay for my paper? Oh, I don’t know, articles written by local writers about Louisville. Or hell, SOMETHING written by someone at the CJ, not shit about written by someone in Philly and not the New York Times editorial page.

Obviously, if you’re a blogger, you need to get out of your parents’ basement and get a job covering city hall meetings before anyone could take your OPINIONS about sports seriously. I mean, that’s what Mike Lupica did, right?

Anyway, what’s really galling is when someone like Bill Simmons does this, because he was the first generation of bloggers. He got his start writing on fucking AOL as The Boston Sports Guy. If that’s not the same thing as blogging, I don’t know what is. Posting your observations and opinions on the internet, even if you don’t call it a blog, is what people call blogging. Those long posts he writes on ESPN Page 2? They’re paid blog posts. ESPN Page 2? Yeah, the whole thing is an edited blog WITH A COMMENTS SECTION. The moment you can respond to something in real time, that makes it a fucking blog post.

Anyway, long story short, Buzz Bissinger is a great writer most of the time, but he’s hopelessly out of touch and obviously bitter that some kid with emo bangs is more important to the sports world than he’s ever been, in spite of his Pulitzer. End rant.

1 05 2008

Sorry, I had a Buzz Bissinger moment there.

7 05 2008
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7 05 2008
chez beziat

This reminds me a touch of when I saw Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool on Politically Correct with Bill Maher back in the late ’90s. Every time Harry dared to share his opinion on something, Bill’s reaction (both verbal and facially) was one of disgust. It was like he couldn’t stand that some dude who was only famous on the Internet was on his show. (Or maybe he just doesn’t like overweight people.)

Watching Maher treat this invited “outsider” with such disregard and repulsion, I lost all respect for him as a host and lost any interest in watching his show again. I didn’t see the Costas thing (and the YouTube link above is gone), but I imagine I would have had the same reaction watching that.

7 05 2008

The exchange was quite heated and I’m not surprised they pulled it. But it appears to me that Costas started it. I remember seeing Knowles with Maher and I found it to be quite offputting as well.
It’s odd that there seems to be such clammering from mainstream journalists regarding new media. But journalism is journalism. Entertainment is entertainment. People who are talented are going to be fine.
That’s not going to change, you know. I find it amazing that some folks are so threatened by the innertubes.

15 05 2008
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