Aaron Brown Is Back

28 04 2008

And color me happy. I always liked Aaron Brown when he was at ABC in the mornings and I thought he was fine at night until that sexy Anderson Cooper got everyone’s dander up. Don’t get me wrong, I like AC too but there is just something steady and dare I say it, intelligent about our guy Aaron.

He is going to be working on Wide Angle. I also love me some PBS. This is good news.

Anchoring “Wide Angle,” a weekly public affairs series with a global focus, offers the chance “to work in an environment where people just think about making good TV and good journalism,” Brown said.

“By the end (of an episode), you understand the world you live in and how it’s connected to you,” he said Saturday.

Brown, 59, who left CNN in November 2005 during a shake-up that gave his time slot to rising star Anderson Cooper, said he was contractually barred from working in TV until last June. He’s been teaching at Arizona State University as its first Walter Cronkite Professor of Journalism.

“Wide Angle” begins its seventh season July 1. PBS planned to announce Brown’s hiring on Monday.

Brown has distinguished himself as an anchor by avoiding a “booming voice-of-God” approach and instead delivering news as a storyteller, said Stephen Segaller, director of national production at Thirteen/WNET, the New York station that produces “Wide Angle.”

Besides his distinctive on-camera demeanor, Brown has “a good sense of what international stories will mean to American audiences and how the stories will play,” Segaller said.

Brown contrasted the work he expects to do at PBS with how cable television operated at times during his tenure.

“I don’t want to get into the business of indicting cable TV, but some of what went on was just television, not journalism,” he said. Expanding on his comments, he said that cable TV is a tough business that can be pushed into focusing on sensational, “tabloidy stories.”

Welcome back, Mr. Brown.




5 responses

28 04 2008
Carole Ann Borges

That truly is good news! I’ve been an Aaron Brown fan for years and felt terrible when he left his nightly news show. AC is cute, but he can’t match Brown’s depth of knowledge. Aaron Brown is a class act among many, many clowns.

29 04 2008

I read that just this morning and smiled. He has been sorely missed on CNN and I’m so glad he’s getting an opportunity to make a comeback on the air. With him and Zahn both gone, CNN sucketh far more than it should. Sometimes I close my eyes and wonder if I’m listening to …shudder… Fox.

8 05 2008
Cynthia Green

I have missed Aaron Brown on ABCTV and have been wondering what has happened to him. The way he reported a story left him indellibly in my mind. I rarely watch CNN because the news is too repeticious and becomes stale, It’s as If they have no new thing to say so they constantly repeats the exact thing over and over again. It’s really a turn off for me.

2 07 2008
Nancy Carothers

This is exciting news! Aaron Brown always reminded me a bit of Walter Cronkite in that I always felt he was the voice of reason. I’m so happy we’ll get his insights once more. Bravo!

22 07 2008

I just happened onto PBS this evening and there he was!! Aaron Brown in the real!! I was delighted to him back on telly. I have truly missed him and still feel that CNN is the biggest loser.

Aaron Brown has a distinguished eloquence about his delivery that makes any show he hosts that much better for having him.

Welcome back, Mr. Brown. You have been sorely missed.

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