Gropes Not Guns

26 04 2008

Good advice.

From My Confined Space




4 responses

26 04 2008

Sage advice indeed!

26 04 2008

Hey! 🙂

Let’s sponsor a Gropes for Guns event. We’ll offer criminals, if they turn over their guns, a free set of boobs to play with. That would get more guns off the streets and I’m certain that some of the nice ladies at Guerrilla Gals would be glad to be gobbled for a good cause.

God, how revoltingly sexist is that? I should be ashamed.
How did I ever become so misogynistic? I guess I’ve been told that so many times it finally sunk in.

I’m traumatized I tell ya.

26 04 2008

🙂 Heh.

27 04 2008

Despite my admitted wingnuttery, I think you’ve hit on something there ‘Kona.

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