A Bee Gees Moment, But Squirrels

24 04 2008

She‘s lost it.

Or maybe not.

You must remember she is the queen of the squrrels.

Yeah. life is about all this stuff.

Xanax wouldn’t even help. It’s a good groovy thing built on something that I can’t process.

Squirrels are nifty.




3 responses

24 04 2008


The Xanax-like effect that squirrels have on SQ, the Bee Gees have on my state of mind.

It’s groovy, indeed.

It made my day when SQ posted it at her place…and it makes my day again here at ‘Coma Central.

26 04 2008

Now Night Fever is running through my head and four Grand Funk tunes later, I still can’t make it go away.

I’ve been traumatized.


26 04 2008


Does that squirrel have a widow’s peak?

😀 😀 😀

Bottom pic is great. Makes me wanna grab a cold one and scurry up a tree.

Saturday wake & bake again. God, I’m fried.

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