One Of Those Days

23 04 2008

You know you’ve had a bad day when:

  • That it’s mid-Spring, the air is out, your office is an old bank which still has it’s safes intact and you begin sweating all over, even between your toes, and refrigeration guy who is here starts chuckling when you ask if it’s every going to be fixed.
  • You lose several pages you’ve been working on, having written content since 5:30 this morning and finally the pagination technician looks at you and say “It’s okay.” Because you know that they want to beat you in the head with a stick but then you find them later when it’s are on the hard drive.
  • That you reformat stories twice because the first one had some hidden coding hidden it from a Commodore 54 computer or something going on and then translates into a foreign language you aren’t familiar with. After a while, you find out that it’s Turkish after running it through a translator. You give up.
  • You realize that you couldn’t do it without the great people that surround you.
  • You still want to scream, cry and gnash teeth.
  • You realize that your day hasn’t as bad as the woman killed by a grizzly bear, and for that I am grateful.
  • Other people in the world have it much worse. Kind of puts things in perspective.

Whoa. Been a day.




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23 04 2008

I think we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer. It’s hot as crap out there today. Running errands this afternoon, inside my car never did really get cooled off at all.

This weather is nutty (for us Tennesseans anyway). Four inches of snow in the middle of March and hot as July in mid-April, I don’t know what to think really.

23 04 2008

I used to have a picture of a sumo wrestler I kept on my bulletin board, with a blurb about how bad it is to start out in the stables of sumo wrestling…essentially, the young guys just starting out have to wait on the high ranking champions…carrying their bags, helping them get meals, and wiping where a 450 lb. man cannot reach to wipe himself.

It was intended to remind me that others have worse jobs than I do.

One day, I came in to find the words “You know what? F*** them, too” written on the picture. I was a little angry, and then I realized that the words were in my own handwriting, written in a fit of frustration the previous night….

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