Talking To Folks From Pakistan

22 04 2008

Over the weekend, I was contacted by the Pakistani Spectator. I had no idea why but they asked if they could interview me.

I was surprised but I said yes after I went to their blog and realized they were doing some very interesting things.

They sent me a questionnaire with a ton of questions asking me some great things about the blogosphere, philisophy about online relationships, the use of social media networking tools in politics and the list goes on.

It was pretty incredible.

This world is becoming smaller with the Internet. A woman from a small rural Tennessee town is interviewed on the world of blogging by a site in Pakistan within the span of about 36 hours. The 36 hours was me mulling over the questions.

It was all very eye-opening to me.

I would like to thank Ghazala for asking me to participate and it goes to show that our world is an amazing place. Doors are opening because of the blogosphere for everyone. We are having global conversations. I find that to be amazing.

And the idea of interviewing people is a good one. It creates a connection. I like the KAG is doing that on Knoxville Talks now as well.

Here’s the interview from the Pakistani Spectator..




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22 04 2008

You aced that interview. I was wondering about the Pakis after I saw them post the invite.

All I can say is that the Khan (Pakistani) cab drivers in Abu Dhabi used to be able to get the best hash on the planet. Always honest, never greedy.
You always got what you paid for. πŸ™‚

They are also the kind of people that once they make a friend, they never turn their back on you. Much like Mexicans, the value friendship in a way that many of us will never understand.
A very dignified people to say the least.

27 04 2008
TN Liberals are Here « The Crone Speaks

[…] β€’ NewsComa: Now famous in Pakistan. […]

27 04 2008
Southern Beale

Over the weekend, I was contacted by the Pakistani Spectator. I had no idea why but they asked if they could interview me.

You do realize this has landed you on some State Dept./Homeland Security list of suspicious persons?


Do they allow visitors at Gitmo?

27 04 2008

I realize I must be brave.
They were nice. πŸ™‚

30 04 2008

Nice Post.

30 04 2008

And now you’re getting comments from Pakistanis… Lolz πŸ™‚

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