Not Everyone Cares About Political/News Spin

22 04 2008

In talking to folks about today’s primary, I find that most people are very interested and in tune to the issues they care about be it the war, the economy, gay rights, abortion, immigration or the deficit. Voting is emotional for some people. I understand that.

It’s emotional for a lot of people in reality.

I decided to go back and look at all three candidates’ websites. All three have their issues plainly put up where everyone can go and read them. I go back to that real people may not have access to unlimited financial means and how they are impacted by higher gas prices, paying taxes and increasing food prices which will be key as the months move toward the conventions and November.

Today John McCain is touring economically depressed areas of the country while the Pennsylvania primaries for Democrat votes have overwhelmed network news competing for 158 delegates. People who do not care about partisan manueverings are most likely watching that the Dems battle it out and McCain talking to struggling towns.

This is what’s on the news today. And I’m sure one side of the political aisle will say one thing about McCain and the other side will say things about Obama/Clinton on how disingenuous politicians are, but the thing is that most people just want their lives to be better. They want to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That’s key, campers.  Not everyone reads blogs or even newspapers about the science of politics. They don’t care about pundits barking at each other on television, be they liberal or conservative. They don’t want to hear spin. They look at what folks are doing and then go and relax in front of the television watching their favorite show.

I can’t help but wonder, as I do believe the Democrats will continue to hammer it as long as the money holds out, if actions like John McCain took today will make a difference in November. This is just an observation about news more than anything else. Probably half of the people I know will vote Republican this year. The other half are split on Clinton and Obama. That of course is not a scientific poll, that’s just hearing what people are saying at my office or when I’m out having a cup of coffee.

That’s tight, people

None of us, no matter what our issues may be or what our politics are, should be ignoring the issues of average citizens who are struggling.

It’s an odd political time. I often wonder where all this is leading us.




3 responses

22 04 2008

Excellent post, ‘Coma, and politicians should be taking heed of statements like these in your post and paying big attention.

A couple of important things as far as I, personally, am concerned –

(1) I don’t have cable nor really watch TV at all, so I get the majority of my news from the ‘Net and most of it secondhand (thru blogs just like yours, or media sites like Katie @ WBIR, Christian @ WKRN, etc.).

(2) It’s a well known fact here in our regional blogosphere that I am quite possibly one of the most moderate, right smack there in the middle, bloggers in this region (not only that but everyone knows I’m mostly disinterested in political talk).

The majority of the time, my vote could go either way.

I think absolutely things like what McCain did today could make a big difference in November, with the way things are right now in this country.

And I say that with all certainty, really, because based on what you just told me about what McCain was doing today vis a vis what the Dems were doing? If the polls were open tomorrow, it’s a good bet I’d vote McCain.

And even if I didn’t, there are no doubt plenty others all over the country either just like me, or they’re sort of like me but they do watch TV and read newspapers some and etc. I’d guess those people would possibly be even more potentially swayed in that circumstance.

My $0.02, might be worth about $0.01 today at least. Great post!!!

22 04 2008

Thanks. I’m thinking of you and sending many good thoughts right now to you.

22 04 2008

Great post, ‘Coma. You hit the nail on the head.

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