Beautiful Bald Women

22 04 2008

My mother lost all her hair when she had cancer. We ended up shaving her head. It was hard but then again, as we were and are a family that laughs when we are in pain, we teased her and she even called herself Spock because her ears were kind of pointy.

It was better for her because the chemo made her hair fly about and it was hard for her to breath.

I thought she looked fabulous.

My friend, Katrina, talks about losing her hair and writes about it with such a frankness and a sense of humor that I can’t help but admire her. I know she looks great.

So, Robin Roberts, I salute you. What you said is wonderful and, thanks, because you are helping people like my mom.

“I’ve taken my cue from people here and from viewers, especially [cancer] survivors . . . who said, ‘When it’s time to literally flip your wig, you’ll know,’ ” Roberts said. “I am not my hair,” she said, quoting from the song by India.Arie. “I am the soul that lies within and that’s it – no more wig. That’s it.” Roberts will auction her wig to raise money for a charity that helps “those who don’t have insurance and can’t afford this.”

None of these women want to have cancer. My mother didn’t want to lose her hair.

It’s good to see someone not define themselves by flowing locks.

So I think this is really wonderful.




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22 04 2008

Robin Roberts brought tears to my eyes this morning. Her courage through this experience is so inspiring…she is beautiful inside and out.

22 04 2008

SportsCenter was so much better when she was on it.

22 04 2008

In all honesty, I didn’t find losing my hair on my head that traumatic during my chemo — I knew it was coming, and started falling out exactly when my onc said it would. What really shocked me was losing the “hair down there.” No one talked about that part, and so it was a huge shock.

But, once bald, I loved it. It was freeing. I never wore a wig, when I went out, would wear a cap, or scarf, so other folks wouldn’t get upset. I’ll let you in on a little secret there was nothing more sensuous than rubbing your bald head in soft little circles. It’s just not the same with hair.

23 04 2008

My mother never wore a wig either although I think she had one.
It was a baseball cap most of the time.

23 04 2008

I cried when Mama had her head shaved the first time. The second time the German and I did it. She had a wig that she wore and joked about how much she was saving on hair care products (which averaged out to less than $10 a month…)

The first time I really looked her once it was shaved, she was sitting on her bed in her bathrobe with her glasses on reading. She soooo resembled the Dalai Lama!! I started calling her my Dalai Mama….

23 04 2008

When I was diagnosed – I didn’t really think about my hair. I suppose I had more to worry about, and thought crying about being bald seemed foolish and vain. Since I had always been complimented on my rare shade of red – I thought I’d go ahead and donate it. I cut my hair short the day before I started chemo and sent it to locks of love. I was proud of myself.
It wasn’t until I was in my bathroom in the middle of the night that it got to me. when I couldn’t take the falling out process anymore and buzzed it. I did get a wig, I got to be a blonde for a while. After a few weeks, I only wore the wig to work and special occasions until I had fuzz again.
I admire those that are brave enough to go bald. It isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone, but I found on the days I did it, I normally ran into someone with encouraging words. Some of those interactions meant the world to me.

5 05 2008

Robin is an inspiration not just for how she has handled cancer with grace and dignity but her life as well.

Ron: My husband agrees with you. Anytime she isn’t on GMA for more than a day he says maybe she has gone back to Sports Center.

13 05 2008

I think women with no hair are beautiful. If it’s intentional, it’s the idea of denying social norms. Telling ‘Barbie’ she has no place here. Even if it’s not, though, hair is a disguise. You can do whatever you want with it and change your look, but when it’s not there, you see just the woman. Just HER features. I’ll take a pretty bald girl over a pretty girl any day.
I’ve always thought bald was beautiful, though. Humans are supposed to have hair, right? So without it we look inhuman and almost angelic. It’s very attractive!
Yes, I’m a guy, but I keep my head shorn as well because I like it that way. I recently grew it out because a coworker strongly requested it and I found it was thinning in the front. I had to grow my hair out to find out I was losing it. Ha!
If you are losing your hair, don’t get depressed. You are beautiful.

4 06 2008
Adrienne Zurub

Thank you for this post and support of ‘Beautiful Bald Women.’ My six-year old granddaughter is bald and recently realized that her condition is ‘for real and forever.’
I along with my daughter are working to make sure that as Robin states above and India Irie sings in her song, “I am not my hair. I am the soul that lies within.”

The universe truly knows who can carry the message and the responsibility to change the perceptions of the world: the women mentioned here and my wonderful, bold and outspoken granddaughter, MacKenzie! My thanks to you all.

Adrienne Zurub

5 08 2008
Sherry Washington

I, too, watch Robin as she peeled that wig away from her head. Kudos to you!!! I love your bravery, and your timing could not have been perfect since my alopecia took a turn for the worse and I lost every strand of hair on my body. I tried the wigs for almost one year but could not handle being fake so I decided last August to display my baldness. Talking about freedom….I was instantly free. I love the way you used the media to share something that is tragic to many women, but on that day it was turned into JOY!!

Thank you so much,

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