Real Conversations By Real People About Politics

19 04 2008

I’ve talked quite a bit about how I wish we were having a more “adult” presidential campaign right now. It makes me cranky listening to all the political rhetoric when there are more important issues to discuss.

I realize that it’s just not “sexy” to have conversations these days about politics when you aren’t looking somebody in the eye. That’s part of what is missing, I think.

When I’m sitting talking to friends and acquaintances I have who have and will vote differently than I will in November, I find that we never raise our voices, yell obscenities at each other and start threatening to throw fainting goats at the other’s family promoting a riot of some kind here in Hoots.

We have adult conversations. Not always perfect, mind you, but pretty decent.

I find we agree on what needs to be addressed, we just have different ideas on how to fix it and our ideologies on who the best candidate is to take over a government that appears to be nuts right now. Why anyone would want to be president right now is mind-boggling. There is no quick fix.

Where we agree is that the economy is in the toilet, the war in Iraq is a mess and when are we going to have to repay our debt to countries we’ve borrowed money from. Credit card companies will call you when they don’t get paid. We keep wondering when the United States is going to get that call, from let’s say, China.

I wonder what the interest rate will be? I wonder who’s going to pay it. Oh, wait …

We agree that the middle-class in many ways is not the middle-class anymore. We talk about rising gas and food costs. We talk about having health insurance (most of the people I know do) but that we really can’t use it because our health insurance companies won’t let us and the deductibles are killing us when we have to go to the doctor.

So, I mentioned earlier this week about how terrible I thought the Gibsonopolous debate was for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They waited nearly an hour to ask about the economy?

Politics is like a chess game. But real people with real problems don’t want to be pawns.

They just want to know when they are going to see light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m usually an optimist about most things, but right now, I’m worried. And if you sit down and look your neighbor in the eye and talk like an adult about the issues this country is facing, regardless of who you think they are, you will find out they are most likely a bit worried too. Or this has been my experience. Sometimes it’s talking to one person at a time where we see our similarities and can put aside our differences.




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19 04 2008

So true. So very true. I certainly don’t have any answers about how this country should be run or how to do anything differently but I agree that things have to change and soon or the great country we live in is going to slowly implode upon itself. In some ways, I think it’s already begun.

I try to be an optimist as well, but right now it’s very hard.

Great post! Newscoma, you are da woman!

19 04 2008

Thank you Malia. You are da’ bomb as well.
Sending you many good thoughts today.

19 04 2008
Ned Williams

I thought of you on an airplane yesterday as I saw that I could buy a “startling[ly] realistic” BIgFoot lawn ornament . . . but anyway. I hope you don’t mind me linking to your article at MCB.

19 04 2008

Ned, that lawn ornament is truly awe-inspiring. That’s great!

19 04 2008
Jim Grinstead

Here here!

Most people seem to try to avoid political conversations as if they are destined to end up in anger or bloodshed. The idea of a civil discussion among people who disagree is not even considered.

We need more discourse. We need more involvement. We need to engage one another about the choices the country faces.

We’re all in this together … together we should look for solutions.

19 04 2008
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20 04 2008
Gerald Mcleigh

If the last seven years haven’t convinced you that liberalism is the biggest threat to America, I don’t know what will.

21 04 2008
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