18 04 2008

I woke up this morning doing my regular routine, which is of course, is sitting and staring aimlessly while the coffee was brewing.

All of the sudden, my recliner began to sway and Mabel came running into the room looking at me with this “Oh Crap” look on her face.. The glass with last night’s water shook as it sat on the table beside me, making the water gently move.

It lasted about five seconds.

I know we have small tremors here all the time. We are close to the New Madrid Fault. I’ve never “felt” one before.

It woke up Squirrel Queen, who came into the living room.

“Did you feel that?” I asked.

She nodded and said, “I’ve only felt them a couple of times before but never for that long and never that strong.”

Now this wasn’t a California-Falling-Into-The-Pacific sort of tremor, but it was strong enough to wake her up and for me to feel it. As I’ve said before, I’ve never felt one but the dogs have been acting weird since last night.


UPDATE: Apparently what we felt was more than just a tremor. Apparently Southern Illinois was rocked with a 5.4 earthquake this morning at 4:36 a.m. With this said, if we felt in Weakley County, Tennessee, it must have had a little more girth to it than we initially thought.

Here’s the report from CNN. Guys, it was weird.

UPDATE TWO:  Ron felt it too. Much stronger than us though.




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18 04 2008

I’m over here in Nashville, and it woke me and my parents up this morning at 4:40. I’ve never felt that before. Definitely weird.

18 04 2008

We’ve actually got some streets closed downtown while they clean up broken glass and rubble. I’m glad it woke me up so I could experience it, but I’m wondering if that 5.4 is the big quake, or just a precursor to a serious quake.

18 04 2008

Ron, we’ve been wondering that as well.

18 04 2008

I’ve never felt one before so when I felt this one, I thought it must have been a dream. The guinea pig started squealing his little head off, though, to let me know it wasn’t.:)
Was also worried that it might be a sign of a bigger one to come.

18 04 2008
lovable liberal

Safest structure in an earthquake is a tent. Earthquakes don’t kill people; falling buildings do.

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