Pike Fights

18 04 2008

No, you probably don’t know what this is, or maybe you do. But I have been watching Frat boys beat the hell out of each other in boxing matches for charity tonight.

I would love to tell you about the brutality of it all, but I must say it was quite impressive. And, yeah, they raised a lot of money. It wasn’t really boxing really but … hell, I don’t know what it was but for eight bouts, I watched some boxing, some smacking and one guy get addled. Poor kid got walloped.

I even hooted a few times. Here’s some video from last year I found online. It makes me laugh because it’s exactly what I saw tonight

I must admit I’ve never been to a Pike Fight, but when I got there with a gaggle of my friends, I found myself fascinated. I used to love boxing in the days of the Wide World of Sports when Ali and Ken Norton used to box. I don’t know why I dug it, but it was fun.

Why was I fascinated this evening? I have no idea.

But it was fun.

I can’t help it but it was glorious. It wasn’t a Preds game, but damn if I didn’t yell and laugh.

When you live in Hoots, you do what you have to and sometimes it’s a blast.




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19 04 2008

And here I thought you were talking about fighting about people whacking each other with fish (pike = type of fish in the MBW onboard dictionary???). So I’m just confused. That’s what happens when you get up too early on Saturdays and read blogs. Hmmmm.

19 04 2008

It’s a fraternity. I know little to nothing about greek organizations on college campuses but it was a lot of fun.
Who would have thought? Not I, but I had a blast.

19 04 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

Beer was involved, I presume?

19 04 2008

Actually, not at the fight. I know, shocking.

19 04 2008

There’s nothing like watching frat boys pummel each other all in the name of Charity.
Or in the name of Heather.
Or in the name of Meagan.
Or in the name of Ashley.

19 04 2008

Hey, I was a frat boy. First of all, we prefer fraternity gentlemen. And second, we didn’t go around pummelling each other.

Except for that fight sophomore year over the flag football game.

And that one junior year over Eliza Jane.

But only that second one involved alcohol, thank-you-very-much!

(hee hee, college was fun)

19 04 2008

Video of said kid getting walloped here http://youtube.com/watch?v=rZhkENOtMyI he obviously didn’t prepare for the fight

19 04 2008

Thanks Ryan, that was the one. 😉

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