18 04 2008

Over the past weeks, I’ve watched bloggers I respect suggest that anyone who is against Hillary is a misogynist or that anyone who opposes Obama is uninspired.

What will it take for those of us who are engaged in political debate — and that includes the media — to realize that it’s about America?

It shouldn’t be about race. It shouldn’t be about gender. It shouldn’t be about rich or poor or business or labor or Republicans or Democrats.

It should be about America.

He’s right. It should be about America.

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18 04 2008

One thing that’s bothers me is the amount of outright name-calling in political discourse between people I otherwise respect as bloggers. If you engage in a political debate and call others rude names, you really undermine your credibility.

The worst are often people who are new to politics, have rarely voted, or just don’t have the mental capacity to deal with policy differences. The very ones who suggest we need to change the way we “do politics” are also often the ones who resort to name-calling. Those people can start by living up to their own desire for change and stop regressing to a childish school yard intellect.

And these peoepl are on both sides of the fight fr the Democratic nominee as well as both parties.

It’s difficult to find anyone who can speak intelligently about policy without them getting emotional and resorting to childish name calling. It’s sad to see people I had respected show a side of themselves I’m not sure I can put back in the bottle. Once you see someone’s ability to reason is so compromised by their emotions, it’s hard to fathom having a rational conversation with them for some time.

18 04 2008

Here’s a rarity, newscoma: I’m going to agree with Al Gore. He often used to speak of the 1886 election for govenor (commonly called “The War of the Roses”) as the ultimate example of the way elections should be conducted.

Now, we don’t have a national mother, telling us to behave ourselves, so it’s going to be up to us.

I hate that I have to try to divine what the candidates really stand for, because it seems they are always instead talking about stupid, at best partially relevant stuff.

18 04 2008


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