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15 04 2008

Someone named Sturgis wrote a post over at PopFi about zombies. Of course, I was all over it. But guys, if you dig a zombie, we have may just found our Mecca.

It’s Zombie Daily and it’s absolutely smashing. I cannot gush enough. Artist Rob Sacchetto has a zombie a day, zombie tattoos and some of it has some good old pop culture satire going on.

I love a zombie and here’s one of Sacchetto’s:




3 responses

16 04 2008
Rob Sacchetto

Hey there,

Rob Sacchetto here, of Zombie Daily, the object of you gushing.

Just wanted to thank you for the awesome compliments and for the link. I’m having a blast doing this. If you haven’t checked out my other projects, like you should. I suspect they may be right up your taste avenue.

16 04 2008

Rob, you are awesome. As a zombie/left-leaningpolitics/bigfoot blog, you are of the groovy.
Thanks for stopping by. Your art is way fun and thanks.

31 07 2008

Break Inc. Special of the month !!!

FREE copies of both:

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead
by Max Brooks


The Zombie Survival Guide Deck: Complete Protection from the Living Dead
by Max Brooks

You can’t beat a free zombie book…

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