The Disenfranchised Voter

14 04 2008

Right now, I know who I voted for in the primary and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m sitting back looking at the different candidates’ behavior. Thus far, I am not liking what I see. I still feel I voted for the guy I wanted to win but I’m seeing some things from everyone that makes me think of the race in 2000.

I don’t like it. Not one bit.

First out, John McCain. He gets information on global policy wrong sometimes. Here’s what bugs me: we have a president that does that now. Whoever is our next president needs to know about the different cultures all residing in Iraq and their different philosophies especially when you are in their country when you are on a political junket. We’ve buried four soldiers here in Hoots. Singing “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb” to the tune of Barbara Ann did not endear me to him nor did it to others I’ve spoken to. I used to, before the Savings and Loans fiasco, though McCain was a moderate. I can’t help but wonder what deal he made with Bush and Co. back in 2004 because I think he did. He was one of their harshest critics and then they are doing a group hug? We don’t need Bush Lite in office in November. I think he’s smarter than Bush. Of course, Cheney is the president and likes money so I digress. We have MORE government from a party that promised us LESS government.

Remember that political spin?

Second out, Barack Obama. I didn’t see anything wrong with him talking about bitter, disenfranchised voters in Pennsylvania. His comments, although not the most well-thought out when spoken, does hit on a very crucial element about people are hanging on to the familiar because they are tired of struggling. Regardless of what one might thing, we live in hard times. Hell, Bill Clinton did a version of it himself back in 1992 and you didn’t see people going ape-poo. Let’s take rural voters from my neck of the woods for an example. I can beg, plead, cajole and talk about what a wonderful thing it is to vote and they don’t. Our last few elections, state, national and local have seen less than 25 percent of registered voters hitting the polls. People are bitter about government and disenfranchised by hearing words that aren’t backed up by actions. What I don’t like that Obama has done, and I’m trying to be fair about it, is that sometimes he backtracks. Here’s the thing, just own it Senator which you do sometimes and don’t others. I believe faith is important and it goes without saying that many people tie in their faith with the way they vote. But it seems that, once again, faith (an important personal issue for so many Americans) is being used as a political weapon. I was raised Presbyterian and I understand the importance of feeling connected. My dad was Church of Christ growing up (imagine my confusion with those two denominations mixed in the bag.) But, you know, it just seems disingenuous at times when it’s brought out conveniently for a speech or a jab. I have a friend who is a Buddhist. I don’t see them talking about that. Obama is going to have to take the heat and he would make me a happy camper if he starts talking about those changes again he mentioned a few months ago. Focus on the long-term goals of the party, just don’t change the party’s mission for the sake of the win.

On to Hillary Clinton, to my dear friends who support her, I respect your commitment to her, but I don’t like the way she’s running her race. There, I said it. She pounces on Obama when I think she needs to be pouncing on McCain. She may have expected an easy race, but in the long run, she didn’t get it. Right now, what I’m hearing is give McCain a shot if I can’t have it so I can have it in 2012. I know she isn’t saying that but it’s the vibe I’m getting. I think Clinton’s policies are basically the same as Obama’s. I think she is a savvy and clever woman, but if anyone is utilizing the tired Rovian playbook, it’s Clinton. Don’t get me wrong, it okay to be critical and I don’t think she’s a bad person I just think she wants to get the win more than anything. And at this point, I’m thinking she just might.I said months ago if she won, I’d happily vote for her before all this crap started. Now, I will begrudgingly vote for her if this kind of behavior continues. She spoke of change too. I’m ready to see it. Ms. Clinton, make me believe. I could care less if you shot a duck and had a shot of whiskey with the boys. I want to know if you can fix the economic mess in this country. Remember, people voted for Bush because he was “the guy they wanted to have a beer with.” Clinton’s policies are sound. Obama’s are similar. Let’s talk about the issues, not pulling phrases out and bashing the hell out of him.

And, as my head is filled with many things this morning other than just politics, we had to have a forum on COMPASSION?

Jeez, I thought that was ingrained in us. Golden Rule stuff. Treat others they way you want to be treated. Candidates, you don’t want to see people losing their jobs or eating six-packs of chicken ramen noodles because that’s all they can afford, then start talking about ways to stop this nonsense.

The news cycle in this race is short. We have new media bombarding us with information so quickly it’s hard to keep up. It’s time for our candidates to keep up to.

Most of the folks I know here in rural west Tennessee are second amendment, blue dog Democrats. (I know, I’m largely in the minority. Guns and church are a way of life here. I don’t participate in either one but I have no problem with it, quite frankly, which may put me on the list of some liberals.) They vote too (and sometimes Republican nationally, but I have a feeling they aren’t buying any of it. We are smarter than you guys stereotype us to be.

Start remembering you are campaigning for votes from average people. I think the Superdelegates are eating just fine and aren’t rolling pennies to put gas in their cars

I said this before and I will say it again, it’s too fuzzy.



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14 04 2008
Paul Chenoweth

From the earliest days of the campaign(s) I believed the energy from both parties would produce a record turnout in November….’not so certain of that now. Even college kids who turned out in the primaries are starting to look at the candidates with a deer-in-the-headlights look of ‘what happened to the person I thought I was voting for.’

14 04 2008

I agree, Paul. I think both parties are so out of touch with the average, American voters.
Especially the youth of this country.

14 04 2008

Clearly, you are my political doppelganger. Obama was dead-on with his comments about people being bitter…I know some of those same people. Sigh.

14 04 2008
Frank Strovel III

I also felt Obama was making a valid point but at the same time Hillary’s fighting to hang on and she’s going to jump on his ill-chosen words and use them against him. And if the situation were reversed, I’d expect Obama to do the same. It’s politics.

But is McCain benefiting from all this? I dunno. I still maintain it’s way too early to come to any conclusions. So much can (and probably will) happen between now and the conventions…let alone the election.

Another point: she’s the only one fighting now. Obama’s in the lead (and going to win the nom if you listen to anyone in his camp) and McCain doesn’t have to. I say let her fight.

14 04 2008

Frank, I don’t blame her for fighting in the least. I just wish she would fight with McCain instead of Obama. I understand that completely.
Who’s going to be the VP pick for McCain? Condi? I’m honestly just asking.

14 04 2008
Frank Strovel III

I keep hearing about ‘ol Fred again. Who knows. Right about now he could pick Dolly Parton as a running mate and I wouldn’t vote for him.

14 04 2008
I’ll Tell You a Secret | Hear ItFrom.Us

[…] Newscoma: Right now, what I’m hearing is give McCain a shot if I can’t have it so I can have it in 2012. […]

14 04 2008

Not Condi, because Dems will already try to make McCain’s run Bush III. He won’t make their job intentionally that easier. It will be a GOP governor in a purple state, somebody like Pawlenty in Minn.

Oh, and this whole “Rovian tactics” thing. Are you sure they’re not really just Clintonian tactics, going back to 1992, but since it is now a Democrat getting gored by them, it puts a whole new perspective on them.

15 04 2008

The political scene has become a broken record. Even for someone like me who normally enjoys taking part in the political process. I can’t even bear thinking of it now. So grossed out by it all.

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