Bush’s Finest Moments

13 04 2008

This is something. Not sure what, but it’s something.

Barney can come and live with me. He and Mabel will get along just fine.



3 responses

13 04 2008
Frank Strovel III

I have a loads of Bush flubs caught on audio that I sometimes play on my Friday comedy show and there are always a few out there who give me hell for it. They tell me it’s disrespectful. But goofing on the president’s goofs go way back. It just seems Bush has made it so much more easy.

13 04 2008

My favorite is the “Fool me once…

Shame on…
Fool me twice…

Fool cain’t get fooled again.”

13 04 2008

I think Bush’s greatest moment will be when he packs his wagon and goes back to Crawford. After all, they’ve been without their idiot for a long time now… they need him!

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