Bloggers I Will Miss

13 04 2008

I’m saddened that Nashville Knucklehead has said adios to his blog. He’s one funny guy but I’m sure he will be missed. I think he’s around though. Not sure.

And I want some crack and cheese, dammit!!

I’m extra saddened this morning that my beloved Grandfille is taking a break as well. She is one wonderful woman and I can’t help but feel connected to her although I don’t know her. She was so supportive during the Ednaectomy (Sista, contact me or Ginger) and she is so validating and understanding about the ups and downs of working at rural newspaper and being, how do I say it, a bit more progressive not about politics but about the whole process of news as a whole.

Grandfille, take care. If you need anything, pop me an email.




2 responses

13 04 2008

Yeah, I already miss me some Grandefille!

13 04 2008

Oh, I hate to hear that too.

I continue to miss Knuck. Nobody does smartass like Knuck.

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