What Russ McBee Said …

12 04 2008

What Russ said:

Although his words may have been chosen inelegantly, he was nevertheless absolutely correct. People whose lives have been upended by the loss of good-paying jobs crave some kind of anchoring principle to make it all make sense; they seek any enduring truth or absolute that can give them focus and clarity. History is filled with examples of populations turning to religious fundamentalism and/or nativist chauvinism in times of turmoil. The temptation to rationalize a complex situation (such as the destruction of America’s manufacturing industry) with simple answers is an ordinary human trait, and it’s no great mystery. It is also nowhere close to “elitist” to acknowledge the fact that people whose jobs have been shuffled off to Mexico or China will be left behind wondering why, and they’ll be looking for something solid in their lives to give meaning and context to such an upheaval. Fundamentalist religion, nativism, xenophobia, and anything else that promises to simplify one’s understanding of the problem is a strong attractor for those facing uncertainty.

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3 responses

12 04 2008

Thanks for the link, ‘Coma.

At this point, I’m all about the Mabel candidacy. Everyone else just sucks.

12 04 2008

I guess she needs a platform. I’ll get on it. 😉

12 04 2008

By the way, I’ve officially decided to endorse Mabel. Her campaign poster is now proudly displayed on my site. 🙂

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