I Can’t Cook

10 04 2008

I am not a chef, a cook or someone who can save kitchen from disaster. Of course, Heather is a goddess.

Cooking for a family is a learning process, if there is a financial blow the grocery budget is often the first to be slashed.  If learning to prepare meals for a family is an undertaking, doing so on a tight budget can feel daunting.  Be flexible and mature: take reasonable portions, eat your vegetables, even if they aren’t your favorite, don’t make faces, and don’t complain.  Additionally, don’t allow those behaviors from others at your table.  If your spouse is the main culprit, address the issue privately and in a nonconfrontational manner, ask for help and remind him or her that they are a role model.

You know, she is groovy.




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11 04 2008

Nothing beats cheap like a .33 box of mac and cheese with a few hotdogs cut up in it. Or tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Or the $2 box of frozen pizza.

I think with the way gas prices are going up, it’s going to be even more daunting to cook for a family. I’m lucky that I’m only cooking for 2 and not 6.

11 04 2008

I was raised in a tight-budget household. It’s funny, we’re doing OK financially right now, but I still cook the same “po’ folks” food my mother cooked when I was growing up.

It tastes like home to me.

I like hoity-toity food every now and again, but nothing does it for me like chicken over eggbread, the aforementioned mac & cheese with hot dogs, pork chops w/rice, chicken & dumplins.

Boil a whole chicken, and you’ve got the meat for two of those dishes, plus a week’s worth of chicken broth. Waste as little as possible.

Budget cooking can be fun, if you look at it as a challenge.

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