Amazon, Nashville and National Poetry Month

7 04 2008

Jilly at Poetry Hut is talking about Amazon, Print on Demand and how it impacts indie writers. If you didn’t know, this month is National Poetry Month. As that is what Jilly does, she’s paying close attention.

POD & the WWW are 2 of the main reasons that I think that, for American poetry, this is one of the most exciting periods of time, ever. OK, I understand that hardly anyone buys poetry books these days, ( but for those of us who do, whoo boy, is there a groaning table.

An overview of why this sucks so much for small publishers.

A more detailed analysis of how this would affect a small poetry publisher.

And in the “first they came for POD” department: Newspapers, magazines, press syndicates, not just e-book and POD publishers, should beware of Amazon’s lock-ins.

So what can you do about it? Here are some ideas:

Head to her house so she can give you an update on what’s going on and how writers can deal with this new development. She has a lengthy list of things to peruse.

The question to me reflects what Rex Hammock said in Jilly’s comments.

Frankly, I too was surprised there was no local business news coverage of the story as there’s a direct Nashville connection. Print on demand is not a well-known facet of book publishing outside the book world, however, it has nothing but upside potential.

My main question reflects both Jilly and Rex’s, “Why isn’t Nashville, a hub of print publishing, talking about the Amazon deal?”

It’s a good question. I googled and searched but I didn’t see any media coverage of this in Tennessee at all. What’s up?




One response

7 04 2008

Don’t most of the publishers in Nashville do most of their sales through churches? They may think it’s not going to affect them. And I’ve noticed that the business reporting in Nashville tends to reflect the story that businesses want to have told.

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