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6 04 2008

Dear elected officials and people in leadership positions that could enact positive change,

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this election season. I guess you can tell by some of my other posts that I’m just sort of disgusted by it all at this point. I just don’t feel very connected with the process anymore. It’s been a hard and arduous road because I don’t see anyone really talking about anything that impacts the quality of life of the community I live in.

If I had a List of Demands, I guess I would ask some of the politicians running for president, the Senate and locally a few things such as:

  1. Do you see any relief on the economic front?
  2. Will gas/food prices become more manageable?
  3. Would you take 10 percent of your campaign coffers and donate it to charity which would help feed some of the 80,000 people who just lost their jobs?
  4. Are you listening to pundits or people?
  5. Have you ever had 20 cents in your pocket one week before payday and how would you deal with having a full-time job and not knowing how you are going to get to work or eat?
  6. Are we in a recession or aren’t we? Whatever you want to call it, it appears to me that we have a problem.
  7. Have you talked to farmers lately? Not unions, just farmers. I think you might want to because they have some valuable things to tell you. I’m not talking subsidized wealthy land barons either.
  8. Are you guys going to continue to polarize voters regarding race, gender, age and countless other things?
  9. Do you really believe the American people have a voice? Are you going to let America use said voice?
  10. Have you been listening to the voice of Rural America at all? Are you listening to Urban America? Are you listening to anyone other than your advisers?

Just wondering. You know, I had so much hope at the beginning of this race but I guess it’s just politics as usual. Please remember, some folks are living paycheck to paycheck and are honestly doing the best that they can.

Yours sincerely,





6 responses

6 04 2008
Don Jones

I wish, I had written this. It seems we are voices crying in a wilderness. God Bless You !

6 04 2008

I really like # 10 πŸ™‚

8 04 2008
Music City Bloggers » Blog Archive » We’ve got questions

[…] Newscoma has some good questions for politicians. […]

8 04 2008

I had a brilliant idea.

We could rent a van and travel around the county to various political rallies and gatherings – those which would be covered by swarms of MSM people. We could then plant you in the crowd with a bullhorn. You could yell out these questions (as I think yours are better than the ones we are asking now, such as: “How do you feel about Monica?” “Was Rev. Wright wrong to say those things?” )

I’m sure the questions would create an awkward silence. This often occurs when you force candidates to deviate from the script. So, they’d likely send security over to make a big scene by tackling you: but I’ve thought of that too. We’ll take Squirrel Queen and Joe. We can all run interference until you get to, at least, #3 on the list.

Then I remembered – we’re average American citizens. Even if we could scrape together enough money for the van rental, how likely is it that we could afford the gas?

8 04 2008

I think this is an excellent idea.
We can steal the gas. Like Bonnie and Clyde. πŸ˜‰
Just no killings or stuff.

4 05 2008

Very cogent points ! Do not give up being positive ! πŸ™‚

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