Saul Williams: List of Demands

5 04 2008

I think this is my new anthem. Day-um. SQ found it and I cannot quit listening. The damn shame of it all is she heard it in a commercial first.

Gots to say: Anthem for a new, very sad, political generation tired of the crap.

Also, Trent Reznor produced it.


It’s written on the palm of my hands.




8 responses

5 04 2008
chez beziat

I do love Saul. Good stuff.

5 04 2008

I think so too. Love all of his stuff, including the poetry.
Ahh, very good.

5 04 2008

Sign me up!

5 04 2008

You always were in. 😉

5 04 2008

Oh, that is too awesome. Have to look this guy up.

5 04 2008

You have given me no choice but to steal this; I DID give you credit, though!


6 04 2008
I Write Letters « Newscoma

[…] I had a List of Demands, I guess I would ask some of the politicians running for president, the Senate and locally a few […]

13 04 2008

Awesome. But now I can’t quit thinking about that episode of “Friends” where Ross got his teeth whitened way too much to where they glowed in the dark.

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