Harold Ford Jr’s Soiree

4 04 2008

I have not been invited to Harold Ford Jr’s engagement party. I’m mightily depressed over this as I love a good party and I am a fine party guest. It’s going to be at the Brooks Museum tonight.

I could even live-blog the events. Or just drink champagne.  Yeah, I’m good at that.

I’m never invited to fun political events unless they want me to work. Then, I have to work. No champagne.

Crap. I need a new job. One where I can just hang out. I think that would be a fine job.

So anyway, I didn’t get the invite.  I wonder if Left Wing Cracker did. 😉




6 responses

4 04 2008

Emily Threlkeld?

Poor girl.
Clearly she has no idea what kind of family she’s getting involved with.

4 04 2008

And why are there no pictures of the happy couple? Certainly Memphians would love to see them together; I’d even post it on the Cracker….

4 04 2008

I didn’t get invited either, and hell, I worked for him!

And you can totally drink and live-blog at the same time. During our mayoral election when I was live-blogging the victory party, I was DEFINITELY taking advantage of the free wine.

4 04 2008

Woot. Goldni, I am so going to find you for the free wine next time you are in Tennessee.
Or free beer. LWC and I’ll buy. (Or at least I think he might. 🙂
Okay, I’ll buy.

4 04 2008

I find it strange and fascinating that Julia Allison (of regular Gawker mention and now editor-at-large for freaking Star magazine and somewhat infamous in New York) dated him. While she was a freaking Georgetown student! How many college students are dating (and not merely screwing behind the backs of their wives) Congressmen? (and at the time, Senate candidate)

4 04 2008

I thought Harold was gay.

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