The One Where Newscoma Is Wicked Sick

30 03 2008

Last week, I was feeling like I lost my mojo. I was a bit disconcerted, not a bit of fun to be around and just felt peculiar and odd. It was one of those times that I just couldn’t get my rhythm.

Have you ever gone through that? It’s very strange. I just felt tired and cranky and a bit depressed/angry. Friday night, I felt really strange. It was almost like my head was coming off my brain stem.

Well, there must have been a reason I’m finding out.


Squirrel Queen, the nieces and I have had a lovely bout of the flu this weekend. As none of us could lift our heads off the cool tile of the bathroom, the idea of going to a doctor was not possible.

We are talking a house full ‘o sick.

I feel as bad as bloated up roadkill on one of our roads here in Hoots.

I would give you the lowdown on the nastiness, but I’m thinking you would sort of gross out. God knows I have.

Just hoping the week doesn’t kick my hiney this week. Bronchitis and now this is making me wonder if I need to move to Arizona or seriously forget about a life coach and get a damned doctor’s visit.

Bear with me, campers.

For some very good reading about small business and the election, go see Vibinc.

And then go over to Squirrel Queen’s. And then hit Jack’s for a really good essay on news and the Internet which is fierce.

Going to pass out in front of the game.

Send Squirrel Queen and I reinforcements if you don’t hear from us.




10 responses

30 03 2008

Oh, my dearie, I’m thinking of you and sending you hugs.

30 03 2008

Thank you.
Feel groddy but I’ll get better. 😉

30 03 2008

I’m dealing with round one of my annual spring cold season… because, you know, that’s what time it is, apparently. Sending Chicken Soup mentally, because the Pest House sign is a little off-putting you know.

30 03 2008

you’ll be okay, hang in there

30 03 2008

Ya know, alcohol consumption amongst Pumpkins is becoming a major problem.
There was a bad accident yesterday where several pumpkins were killed and it was alcohol related so they say.

Alcohol consumption among teen pumpkins has also lead to suicides and many pumpkins are rendered homeless and are in constant danger from violent Nazi youth groups.

It’s sad.

Thank God there’s a Newscoma to take up their cause!

Oh….hope you’re feeling better. 😛

30 03 2008

Heh, Captain.
That’s hysterical.
Thanks for the good thoughts. Still feel like ass but I’ll come around. 😉

30 03 2008

In order to shake a curse, you have to pass it to somebody else. Puke in a manila envelope and mail it to Barry Bonds.

30 03 2008

Hope you feel better soon… and had a chance to see Memphis make it to the final four before you passed out 🙂

31 03 2008

Hope you feel better, coma….

Picked up the flu early in the month. Knocked me on my ass for two weeks. Still coughing like I’m making my pitch for TB Ward President.

Yeah, Arizona doesn’t sound so bad, at this point….

31 03 2008

Oh, sugar pie. I am so sorry y’all have been so sick, and I dearly hope that mess is out of y’all’s systems long before you read this.

I caught that stuff earlier this year, when my mom had to go to the ER. (Got it from some joker who sat in the admitting chair before me. Seriously. Had a less-than-24-hour incubation period before it rose up like something Sigourney Weaver would take a blowtorch to.)

We love and worry about y’all and hope that you’ve had some ginger ale and crackers in the house. I so wish we were closer, because I’d have run y’all a care package over and left it on the porch with lots of hugs and kisses through the window.

Please let us know when you’re feeling better. Gently smooch and hug each other when the worst is over.

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