John Tanner, Steve Cohen And ‘Conditions’

30 03 2008

My congressman spoke in Millington Thursday night about NATO and used the word “conditions” when speaking out the war last night.

From the Commercial Appeal:

U.S. Rep. John Tanner told military and community leaders in Millington Thursday that the real enemies of the United States are no longer countries or armies, but “conditions.”

Conditions of poverty, ignorance and hopelessness in some areas of the world help create suicidal attacks from people who don’t care about the nuclear submarines, bombers, missiles and other weapons in the U.S. arsenal, the Democrat from Union City said.

Tanner goes on to talk about NATO’s value in Afghanistan, and he’s meeting at The Hague this weekend and I’m guessing “conditions” which will be topic of discussion.

The word “conditions” is a good one in the world of political spin, however, the rest of the story was a bit, in a word, confusing. Par for the course when it comes to politics. What he’s saying in the story is we need “friends” around the world now more than when we were in the Cold War.

Tanner is in a district where there are a ton of National Guard units. I’m thinking they are looking at new tours in the Middle East. When he announced for reelection in January, he said his primary objective is to help support military families. The CA story was regarding Tanner speaking at Millington, a naval base.

I agree with that one. If our military is going to be in Iraq and Afghanistan, they need to be taken care of. I’d rather this war be over, but if we are sending soldiers in harm’s way, then we need to make sure they get what they need.

This election year is key. A recent letter sent to one of his constituents talks about credit card business practices. There was some talk about him being on the short list for VP a few weeks ago. I don’t think that’s going to happen by a long run but I do believe right now, if a Democrat is elected into the White House, senior leaders want to position themselves. It’s politics.

Now, if we could just get Steve Cohen back into office, then I would be a happy camper. Cohen and Tanner are speaking tomorrow morning at the  Pat Thompson Conference Center in Millington. I’m assuming Tanner will be back from Holland if this is scheduled.

And, I’ve been looking, but is Farmer John officially jumping back in the race?




2 responses

30 03 2008

I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow

31 03 2008

Official TN420 Report Card: Rep. John Tanner D TN-8

A flip-flopper to an extent. Tanner was for stuff before he was against it and vice-versa. Votes seem to get more “democratic” when election time nears.
Poor record on the Drug War and his defense votes reflect paranoia and/or bad judgment.

Voted for Iraq War, Patriot Act, and against impeachment. Is beholden to corporate interests especially the insurance industry.

Overall Score – D+

He’s not a Zell Miller, but should be replaced with a more progressive candidate asap.
A slightly better version of the Republican Lite DLC kinda guy.

John Tanner TN-8

Abortion: B-

Agriculture: B+

Animal Rights: A

Appropriations: C-

Arts and Humanities: F

Budget, Spending and Taxes: B+

Business and Consumers: B

Campaign Finance and Election Issues: B+

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights: B

Congressional and Legislative Affairs: B+

Crime Issues: D

Defense: D (supports School of the Americas)

Drug Issues: Z (he’s a fucking idiot when it comes to this issue)

Education: C

Employment and Affirmative Action: C

Energy Issues: C+

Environmental Issues: B

Executive Branch: F

Family and Children Issues: B+

Federal, State, and Local Relations: D

Foreign Aid and Policy Issues: C-

Government Reform: D

Gun Issues: C+

Health Issues: B

Housing and Property Issues: B

Immigration: F

Indigenous Peoples: A

Labor: B+

Legal Issues: D-

Military Issues: D

National Security Issues: D- (up from F in the last two years)

Regulatory Issues: B

Reproductive Issues: C

Science and Medical Research: C+

Senior and Social Security Issues: B

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: F

Social Issues: F

Stem Cell Research: A

Technology and Communication: B

Trade Issues: F

Transportation Issues: C

Welfare and Poverty: C

Women’s Issues: – NV

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