Jay Leno

29 03 2008

Jay Leno has pissed some folks off.

Find out why here.

I don’t watch Leno anyway.

Viva La Letterman. (Who am I kidding, I watch him virally. I watch Adult Swim.)

I’ve gone and got myself a nice version of the flu (I knew I was feeling weird this week). You may now call me VomitingComa.




6 responses

29 03 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

I sent ’em this one.

Feel better soon, darlin’.

29 03 2008

Man, some people can’t take a joke. How gay.

30 03 2008

The vomiting, Lee? 😉

30 03 2008
Sending Jay My Gayest Look « The Squirrel Queen

[…] HT to Newscoma. […]

30 03 2008

You haven’t been hanging with B lately, have you?

Seriously, get better.

30 03 2008

Thanks, Lee.
Naa, but I was in Nashville recently when she had the flu.

It could be connected. 😉

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