Bigfoot Science Is An Attitude

27 03 2008

In honor of Bigfoot Awareness Day™ I offer you video proof!


Spread the word.




3 responses

27 03 2008

That reminds me. On the way home from the tattoo and horror festival, I rode behind a person in a car with both an “I Brake for Bigfoot” bumper sticker and a “Big Ft” vanity plate. I followed them into their subdivision to try and get a picture.

27 03 2008

Well, thank God you have a photo.
We are legion.

27 03 2008

That’s the worst part, I could never get the photo! When they were stopped at the red light I couldn’t get my camera to work (batteries were dying) and I didn’t want to chase them deep into their suburban warren, so I broke off pursuit once I realized I’d have trouble getting back to the real road.

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