Tired Random Mumblings

26 03 2008

The last time I was this tired, I slept until noon. No one is that concerned about it, even my best buddies, but it’s true.

I wish I could tell you something witty, tell you my typos were because I was looking moon-eyed into the sky and had a penguin ominously shaped like Mabel sleeping in the crook of my knee making me act so erratically.

Alas, I’m just dog-assed tired. I know, boring.

So, with that said, go here. It’s a platypus. You know, it proves a bunch of spiritual stuff. Or not.

And, yeah, my pop culture posts always get more views than my political ones.

Apparently we love pop culture.

What’s with that?

Okay, I get it.

Britney rawks.




3 responses

27 03 2008

Heh.. it’s early and I am tired, too. when I read this post I thought it said “poop” culture instead of pop culture and I had to reread the whole paragraph.. 🙂

27 03 2008

Well, being that Mabel is in the photo, Poop Culture would work too. 😉

27 03 2008

A platypus not only is proof of the existence of God, it proves that He has a very weird sense of humor. It also was possibly the only time He let the angels have any design input, because while they always clamor to participate, they can never reach a consensus.

The Queen Mum called me after that show went off the other night and said, “I just saw the tail end of something and wondered — isn’t that little Britney girl dead? Was that a rerun.” Not yet, Queen Mum, not yet.

Most importantly, the photo of Mabel laughing, as shown above, also is proof of the existence of a loving God, who gave her such a loving mom who’s wicked swift with a camera.

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