The White Noise Of The Presidential Race

26 03 2008


Every once in a while I get on this imaginary treadmill and start running in place. It’s not a great feeling and usually I start feeling it when I feel confined by the world around me.

I don’t know if it’s a thing about getting older or if it’s just me. I’m leaning with door number two.

As a political junkie, I’m not too compelled by the presidential race right now and have been watching some of the state elections.  So much information comes in during these dead times of a campaign and sometimes it’s daunting. During the primaries, there was too much going on but now, small details are coming out about the candidates. If you follow the news, you know what I’m talking about from “misspeaking” about Bosnia sniper fire to someone asking Chelsea Clinton about Monica Lewinsky (which I thought was pretty classless.)


The political spin of today with the introduction of cable/Internet news in the last 25 years has given news stories the shelf life of a mayfly. The passport incident from less than a week ago is old, tired fodder now. Today’s news du jour is that Clinton is still bringing up the Jeremiah Wright incident where even a pastor she used to go to church with ( there seems to be confusion) is telling her to stop it, Barack Obama is pressing her to come clean on her finances and John McCain is watching to see if the Democratic Duo will destroy each other.

**Whoops, there is a story on Britney Spears** and thus the news cycle begins again.

Are we talking healthcare, the war, secrecy in government, Osama Bin Laden or the cost of gas prices? Are we looking for solutions? We can bail out Wall Street but not Main Street?

No, we aren’t talking about those things.

We are nation that doesn’t believe our leaders, despite their party affiliation, because they are not giving us anything put static. People tune out static after awhile, because we are a world comfortable with white noise. It plays in the background and it becomes part of the environment steeped into our senses to where we don’t hear it after awhile.

Everyone wants their voices heard. They want to be treated as valid entities. Hope is important.  Day-to-day issues dominate our world. How will a person buy milk for their family or do they take that four bucks and put it in their gas tank to get to work? Do you go to the doctor and take on additional debt or hope their illness will get better on it’s own?

I’m extremely disappointed with it all but I’ll get over it.



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26 03 2008

here in Austrtralia your presidential race antics make the front page of our newspapers. Hey, it’s not OUR election!

america, o america, though are everywhere 🙂

26 03 2008
Frank Strovel III

I say wait ’til August. I just think a lot of us have settled into believing how this is all going to turn out. But it’s only MARCH, people! Whatever we think we know now will probably be thrown out the window five months from now when the rest of America starts to really pay attention to the race.

26 03 2008

I do not trust our government and mass media.
Answers to many questions are given with documentary film – Zeitgeist.
Visit this blog and receive the information to reflection.

26 03 2008
jim voorhies

I’m glad I’m not the only one that hears the word “elections” and thinks “suckola.” I want a fourth candidate — or a fifth to help me forget the first three.

26 03 2008
Shaun Pickford

As the writer said, how soon the sheeple forget. Ron Paul is still in the race, he is a “fourth candidate”, why not pay attention to him. Instead of wasting time in a popularity contest that the media wont give him a fair stab at, he is instead touring around universities and towns and coming up with solutions to help alleviate the pain we are all facing. Oh, you didnt know he was still running? You must get your news from CNN, Fox or MSNBC. Since your “three” candidates have become boring and just “white noise”, why not look into the fourth? Many Democrats are sick and tired of Hillary and Obama’s mudslinging and the like that they are moving over to Ron Paul’s campaign. Please, do me a favor and get your minds out of the gutter with the constant bantering and trash talking of the mainstream media’s coverage of the election and look into the candidate that nobody is talking about, but that everyone needs to know. Google Ron Paul.

Ron Paul 08!

Check out my blog at

26 03 2008
Shaun Pickford

Sorry…check it out at

27 03 2008

Our bad Shaun, it’s easy to forget a candidate who isn’t campaigning.

27 03 2008
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