Kleinheider’s Back

26 03 2008

Good for you, Adam.

More from the Post.




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26 03 2008

Did I not say the other day that he need not worry? Didn’t I? Huh? HUH?

Yay ACK.

26 03 2008
jim voorhies


26 03 2008
A.C. Kleinheider has landed : KnoxvilleTalks.com

[…] also: Tennessee Ticket, Newscoma, and Michael Silence. At The Nashville Post, that is: Adam “A.C.” Kleinheider, who […]

26 03 2008

I misspelled his name when putting this up.
Heck, I gave it five minutes when I noticed it.
I pulled my own Stacy C.
I own it.

26 03 2008
Tired Random Mumblings « Newscoma

[…] wish I could tell you something witty, tell you my typos were because I was looking moon-eyed into the sky and had a penguin ominously shaped like Mabel […]

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