24 03 2008

I’ve been pretty intrigued by Hulu. You can go to their vaults and watch some of the television you might be missing.

Entertainment Weekly has a story about it and why it’s so innovative.

For starters, Hulu features free, ad-supported content, and all you need is a decent Internet hookup and a browser. An episode of The Office, for example, includes two 15-second ads and a 30-second commercial in the middle. The site does not require any kind of download service, credit card number, or separate device (or ”client”) for access. ”They’ve found a way to make it a premium-advertising environment, so you’ll generally see the full episodes with significantly less commercials,” says Scheppach. ”Advertisers like that because then you remember the commercials that are there. iTunes is successful, but I think consumers are wanting this content for free.”

I have said for awhile that if I had to choose between my television and my computer, I’d go with my computer. Of course, Hulu is offering the best of both worlds. It’s still got some bugs but I’m catching up on 30 Rock on MY schedule. Later this week, I’m going to see 28 Days Later.

Pretty impressive.




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24 03 2008

I love hulu! I spent last night looking at old SNL skits.

24 03 2008
Frank Strovel III

I’ve been watching old episodes of “What’s Happening”! (I love Dee), “Nanny & the Professor” and “WKRP in Cincinnati”.

24 03 2008

Isn’t it great!
I just love it.

25 03 2008

Frank, I saw a sarcastic Dee reference in a show the other day and it made me spew a beverage as I laughed. Now I’m wracking my brain trying to remember which show it was on.

25 03 2008

Maybe it was last week’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother.”
See, I’ve sifted through my brain all day today. Argh!

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