Bill Richardson

22 03 2008

Bill Richardson has endorsed Barack Obama. I’m a day late and a dollar short here because I realize the blogosphere has moved on and new LOL cats are available to look at as they are bright and shiny.

But I think it’s more significant that some of the Right might think. Sharon Cobb talked about it at her place and she makes some good points.

The obvious reason that it is significant is that he used to work in the Clinton Administration. He is friends with the Clintons.

But I think there is one thing about Richardson’s endorsement that is highly significant and that is Richardson is grounded and seems to be a voice of reason in this dead period before the next primary. I would have said the same thing if he had endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Richardson is not a drama queen. I tend to pay attention to what’s going on with him.
Let me tell you, when I would take those political tests that every website had back when the race was filled with candidates that was supposed to be one’s perfect match, I took several and I realize they were basically meant very little but I always got Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson.

Ahh, I miss the early days of this race where the mission statement of the Dems was more important than who had their picture taken with who and people weren’t throwing sand at each other daily.

James Carville said in a New York Times article that Richardson’s endorsement of Obama was an “act of betrayal” but there is more in the Times write-up which is good stuff. I’m sure it stings but on the other hand because both of the last candidate’s standing have been whined and dined for their sway. And apparently now the endorsement is causing more of a stir, but Richardson is directly dealing with the backlash.

Chris Dodd is endorsing Obama too but it didn’t make as many waves as Richardson’s did. Richardson’s means votes.

I’m interested to see what John Edwards does now.




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22 03 2008
Music City Bloggers » Blog Archive » Acquittal by association

[…] of Barack Obama (and Obama’s endorsement of Rev. Wright’s theology), Newscoma has an insightful post about Gov. Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Obama. From her post: The obvious reason that it […]

22 03 2008

That he pissed off Carville tells me all the more that Richardson did the right thing 🙂

22 03 2008
Frank Morris

Greetin’s from New Mexico. “Beautiful land of entrapment”
Seems here, that Bill Richardsons’ endorsement of Mr. Obama is havin’ effect. However, the effect may be an unintended one. As this race progresses into the fall ol’ Bill is goin’ to be seen for the corrupt, self servin’, gummentparasite that he is. Let us examine the record shall we…
In the past five years alone half a dozen judges have been removed from the bench for corruption and criminal activity. Two consecutive state treasures, indited and convicted on racketeering, extortion and embezzlement. The list goes on to the education dept. Where corrupt shool boards and administratores use school budgets along with state and federal funds as thier own private money cow. Outstanding teachers are pushed out of education to maintain the status quo. (If you are a teacher in N.M. you DONT’ want to point any of this out!) The list goes on, State police, local cops, sheriff office, DVM. on and on……….
Bill Richardson made all kinds of noise about the border, about bringing the proffesional Rodeo Cowboys Association here, And about education. Do you recall? Well, New Mexico is hoverin’ at around a 50% drop out rate, with teacher pay 47th in the nation, oddly also 47th in readin’ and math. JUst wind mostly.
I’m tellin’ ya friends, corruption of this magnatude at the bottom can only exist if allowed from higher up in the food chain. How far up? Que sabe?
Any New Jersey mob boss would be proud!
Many in the rural west hold that conventional wisdom is best, time proven. That is to say. “If it walks like a duck and swims like a duck, it’s a duck

22 03 2008

Call me crazy, but, I think Bill Richardson is adorable in a middle aged dude sorta way.

22 03 2008

In 100% agreement with Jon.

Richardson is brilliant man. He has deep feelings for country and people and it’s only natural that he rally behind a candidate that has similar views.
We will not find change in the past and Richardson knows this all too well. Bush/Clinton is the past and that’s exactly where it belongs.

Besides, when Richardson signed the Medical Marijuana legislation into law in New Mexico I knew he was of much better personal character than most politicians.

Psssst, Barack….Though I love John Edwards, Richardson would make a make a great VP too. 😉

22 03 2008
Comment on Bill Richardson by captainkona

[…] Reschedule Cannabis wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptBesides, when Richardson signed the Medical Marijuana legislation into law in New Mexico I knew he was of much better personal character than… […]

22 03 2008

I dig Richardson. I think his calling is Sec. of State. He’s got diplomacy happening all over the place.
Thanks Frank for giving a different perspective.

25 03 2008
Candy Goad

He is going to be Obama’s V.P. and that is exactly why he endorsed him.

25 03 2008

I was actually thinking Sec. of State, Candy. I also keep thinking Edwards as Attorney General for one of the candidates.

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