Bush Wants To Be Unpopular?

20 03 2008


This doesn’t make sense.



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20 03 2008

Of course it doesn’t make sense to you, darling lady. You’re NOT an idiot.
In Bushville however, it’s common sense. 🙂

Monkeyspeak can be tricky but you get the hang of it after a while and couple of OC40s…..

“I know what we’ll do! They don’t like us you see. So we’ll say that we wanna be unliked so that when they unlike us they’ll really like it but we’ll like it more because they’ll think it’s our fault!”

I’ve been studying the language for some time now. 😉

20 03 2008

I want you to know I think you are fun. I must take lessons from you on the language. I’m far behind. 🙂

21 03 2008
Vol Abroad

Mission accomplished!

21 03 2008

One thing he can say he did well. That’s some legacy he’s got going there, ain’t it?

21 03 2008

Secretly Bush cries at night, just wishing he was as popular as JFK.

Seriously, is this High School? Turning Bush into the unpopular loner who will grow up to be someone extraordinary is not the angle they should have taken.

21 03 2008

Remember that this is the man that people put in office because they wanted to have a beer with him. Because he seemed like such a popular, approachable fella.

Apparently folks have finally figured out that this particular beer-drinkin’ buddy starts arguments with other people in the bar and wants you to fight for him, changes or ignores all the rules to your drinking games, invites his jerk friends to join the party, puts it all on your tab, and then sneaks out the back door before the law comes.

Most of us don’t need eight years to ditch a loser like that. The novelty wears off after the first couple of times.

(I was just reminded of an old Bloom County strip that had Dan Rather signing off with “Courage! Bush is a noodle.” He was referring to Daddeh Bush, of course; calling Dumbya a noodle would be a compliment.)

21 03 2008
lovable liberal

Vol Abroad beat me to it.

Of course, I couldn’t stand that smarmy SOB the first time I saw him smirk in 2000.

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