Bill Clinton Says “Chill Out”

17 03 2008

Bill Clinton, in an exclusive interview with Robin Roberts, said he thinks Democrats are torn between two candidates they like, and that it’s time to “chill out” and let the voters decide who should be the party’s presidential nominee.

“The voters get to decide. I think we should just celebrate this,” Clinton said. “If we just chill out here and let all the voters have their say, my gut is it’s gonna come out all right.”

The former president will be on GMA this morning and this is apparently what he talked to Robin Roberts about.

With that said, if the candidates for the Democratic nomination don’t “chill” it may come back and bite them.

Jack Cafferty has a post up and the comments are interesting in a related story.




One response

30 03 2008
Robert Campbell

We do not need this disbarred attorney and subject of a presidential impeachment proceeding, who is trying to obtain an unconstitutional third term in office by hiding behind his wife, looking down on us and shaking his finger at us and telling us to “Chill.”

Bill, this time, just forget The Hill.

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