Joe Powell’s Brother Is A Zombie

15 03 2008

I’ll let Joe tell you:

My brother’s zombie movie premiered at the SXSW festival in Austin and the reviews have been just fantastic. Okay, so my brother is only a zombie in the movie “Dance of the Dead“, so it isn’t really his movie … but it is in my mind – and his.

The point is the movie, about a zombie horde attacking a high school prom (such fun to write that!!) is a hit with audiences and critics, like Scott Weinberg, and raves from Ain’t It Cool News, and here’s a choice write-up from Cinematical:

The zombies rocket-launched out of their graves are only the beginning. That’s part of an early, truly impressive sequence where the dead begin rising to life in a graveyard lying in the shadow of a nuclear power plant. It looks like dozens, if not hundreds of zombies start bursting forth, shambling around, crying out for “Brains!” (only one of many, many movie shout-outs). It’s an iconic sequence, a turning point in the narrative, and a test for the filmmakers. If they failed to execute it properly, it would derail the entire movie. Director Bishop and his talented team hit the bull’s eye with funny, horrific variations on what you might expect, and from there the game is on.”

No, they did not mention my brother by name, but they did give a massive approval for the movie and it’s zombies and that’s close enough. As soon as I get word of the distributor for the flick, I’ll post it here.

How frigging awesome is that?

And there is picture goodness. Joe, come to Horror Fest and stay with me, dammit.

Yay to Joe and his brother.




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