Rove, Hobbs and The National Enquirer

13 03 2008

The National Enquirer reaches a whole lot of people.

William Howard Hobbs is at it again and once again, Tennessee looks just damned spiffy. (Insert appropriate amount of snark here.)

I commented over at Sharon Cobb’s blog that this made me laugh. Then I got to thinking about it after my initial reaction of spewing coffee on my computer screen about all the people that believe everything they read in the National Enquirer.

Kleinheider has a breakdown as does Katie Allison Granju.

Mr. Hobbs, Karl Rove called CBS the “National Enquirer” of news a couple of weeks back. I don’t think he’d approve and meant that as an insult.

Of course he was hammering CBS but I’m just saying.

It must be Karl Rove day here at Newscoma.

Update: KAG has a response from Mr. Hobbs.




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13 03 2008
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