Dennis Quaid Represents

12 03 2008

All I have to say is da-yum. I realize I’m a boomer and all, so it’s nice to see Dennis Quaid representing nicely in the latest issue of the Italian version of Vanity Fair.


I honestly need exercise and to get out of the house more often.

I also am a slave to pop culture.

I own it.




4 responses

12 03 2008

Yeah, I could look like that….

If I was, you know, Dennis Quaid.

12 03 2008

hell, even i had to raise an eyebrow at that

12 03 2008

My god, he is looking gorgeous and better and better with age, huh. Like you, day-um.

Him and Sean Connery. There’s probably a few thousand other Hollywood actors who would kill to pull that not-just-better-but-awesome-with-age thing off and most of them haven’t got a hope in Hades.

12 03 2008

Shame Brutha Randy/Cousin Eddie doesn’t look as good.

He is hawter than a two dollah pistol.

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