Iggy Pop Rules

11 03 2008
So Madonna gets in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but Iggy is the star.
We all love the different.
This picture at the bottom is of the good.



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11 03 2008

Now that’s one cool dude. 😉

This really pisses me off. There’s nothing, not one goddamn thing “Rock n Roll” about Madonna or that sissy Timberlake.
She gets in the Hall and Mark Farner isn’t??? Fucking blasphemy.

Sorry to be a killjoy, but the “Rock n Roll” Hall of Fame has become little more than a bad joke.

12 03 2008

Iggy really is awesome. Even tho he plays the clown part well, he is intelligent and amazingly clever (interviews, lyrics, etc.), he just likes to have a bit of fun and a lot of it. And in unbelievably fabulous shaped for a dude his age.

Speaking of which, there’s another post I need to go comment on posthaste.

12 03 2008
Frank Strovel III

Madonna: The argument that what she did in her career simply could not be ignored is louder and stronger than the argument that she doesn’t belong in the Rock Hall of Fame to begin with.

Iggy Pop: I’m old enough to remember him back in the 70s whipping out his Little Iggy on stage…long before Madonna ever “expressed herself” or Justin exposed Janet.

15 03 2008

Well, well, The Stooges are still outsiders after all these years. Dave Clark can get into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Shame, but Ig, Tom Waits, MC5, Parliament/Funkadelic are still ignored.

No Fun indeed….

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