Tucker Carlson Out

10 03 2008

The snark girl in me wants to say Tucker Who?

Does anybody watch him anyway?




10 responses

10 03 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

As was said elsewhere, he’ll have to make do with frozen chicken dinners for a while. I suspect he’ll end up somewhere with a chimp, live before a remunerated audience, ala Dennis Miller.

10 03 2008
Sean Braisted

I watched him…I thought he was rather good at times.

10 03 2008

I thought he was reasonable at times before he got into it with Jon Stewart. As a conservative back in the day, he would occasionally not go all neocon.
With that said, I’ve seen a change in him in recent years that looked very Foxesque.
I haven’t watching him in a long time. I’m not surprised he’s out.

10 03 2008
Carole Ann Borges

I find him to be a self-centered bore. I always switch channels when he comes on.

10 03 2008

Jon Stewart broke him, Carole Ann. 😉

10 03 2008
Don Jones

He was CRAP !

10 03 2008

Don, I adore you.
You gonna call me for coffee?
You’re buying. 🙂

10 03 2008

Carlson was a complete jerk – biased, smug and so full of himself. The pblic was turned off bythat horrid bowtie and demeanor to match. I just wonder why it took so long to get him off the air.

10 03 2008
Libertarian Girl » Blog Archive » Adios, Tucker Carlson

[…] has cancelled Tucker Carlson’s show. Reaction has ranged from “Tucker Who?” to “Hallelujah!” to a sense of sadness to see a non-typical right-winger get kicked off […]

11 03 2008

Thank god! Its about time they got rid of him. I switched channels when he came on after Hardball. He seemed to make a point of never smiling – as if not smiling made him a more ‘serious’ pundit. Mostly he just acted like a precocious child, going on a rant whenever guests didn’t agree with him. He should go to Fox (or Fix News or Fox Noise) as Keith Olberman calls it – he and Bill O’Reilly can trade off for ‘worst person in the world’ each night…

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