Tennessee Rural Health Act

10 03 2008

TENNESSEE RURAL HEALTH ACT: SB4099, sponsored  by Sen. John Wilder, D-Mason, Sen. Roy Herron, D-Dresden, and Sen. Steve Roller, D-Morrison, creates a loan-forgiveness program for Tennessee students studying to become designated types of health care professionals that agree to practice in rural and other underserved areas across the state. Students that enter the program will agree to practice medicine in a “health resource shortage area” for one year for each year of educational funding provided by the program. Recipients will be required to repay all funds received under the program if they fail to practice medicine in a health resource shortage area for the full time required. Health resource shortage areas are designated as such by the Tennessee Department of Health’s Office of Rural Health.


Something we are watching.

I’m just saying.

From an email from the Tennessee Senate Democrats.





One response

10 03 2008

I want a good jewish doctor like Joel on Northern Exposure. I think it is an awesome idea, much like the teacher programs in other states. NC will re-imburse the tuition of teachers that attend state schools and then go to work in the NC school system all the way up to a PH.D in continuing education.

Nice to see Roller jumping right into Cooper’s yes-man shoes like he’s supposed to.

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