Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers On The Right

10 03 2008

In the midst of so much craziness, we hear about yet another high-powered elected official who gets caught with his panties on the floor.

Gov. Spitzer, I bet you feel not only mondo stupid today but also like, umm, I don’t know like maybe you aren’t above the law.

You know, I realize people have private lives, but the old wide-stance and then $5,500 a visit to get a special bit of the hootchikoo is just plum stupid. Gov, I hope you got a discount.

You guys, you slay me.

Now with that said, being intimate is fun. We all have our “things” but, you guys …

Man, you guys are just wanting to get caught, aren’t you?

Of course some of us don’t kiss and tell.

And we don’t do stupid things to put our careers in jeopardy.

Asshattery at it’s best.




3 responses

10 03 2008

Right on! Hand claps & beer bottle slide, awesome. needed to hear that song today. thanx

11 03 2008
lovable liberal

B-b-b-but Gilligan’s Mary Ann got caught with marijuana!

I’m sure the comedians are praying to Lenny Bruce every night for the Spitzer story to last and last. There are just so many jokes. Here are a few of my poor efforts, more gibes than jokes.

17 07 2008

mccain or bush same same

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