Things To Do In Hooterville Before You Die

9 03 2008

 I don’t know. Sometimes I think of my own mortality as I’m sure everyone does. I’ve been thinking of things that I would like to do before I succomb to the that big recliner in the sky.

I know.

I’m also an obituary junkie. I like this site. Sue me.

With that said, here are some things I want to do before I die or I’m on a walker.

  • Go to Comic-Con.
  • Work at a job where I get to travel. I had one of these at one times and I loved it. Hooterville is fine but I like going places.
  • Live one summer in Brattleboro, VT. I was up there about 20 years ago and it is just about plum awesome.
  • See a penguin in it’s natural habitat.
  • Work on a political team of my choosing.
  • Get a novel published under a pseudonym.
  • See waterboarding completely banned.
  • Be a zombie extra in a movie. (I want to be a crazy cat lady zombie, alas, I have no cats but I was a theater major so I can do some sort of method thing or something.)
  • Spend eight months in Europe. (I did this a million years ago and I want to do it again.)

Yeah, I have goals.

One quick note, if any of you ordered a Stewman benefit, the lovely Ivy has them in her possession. I haven’t told you in a while and I figured you might want to know. (Round of applause for Ivy.)

Update: Actually, I guess this should be titled Things To Do Outside of Hooterville Before you Die. My Bad.




2 responses

9 03 2008

See, I was expecting things like: spend an entire day at Cadillac’s and watch the clients change from adults to teenagers as the day progresses, drive the twisty, hilly back roads with no destination or concern for time, tour old cemeteries to see the horse and slave graves hidden behind the main area, sit on a rooftop talking to friends for hours and hours, run up a monster tab at the t-room, get drunk at a bonfire, oh, wait, that’s my college experiences in town. That was back when the food choices were limited to 6 restaurants.

9 03 2008

My headline was so bogus. I feel bad but didn’t change it.

Oh, and days spent at Cadillacs …Check.
Hilly back roads … Check.
Slave Graveyards … Check.
Drunken Bonfires … Hell yes.

The T-room has gone from the T-room (best milkshakes ever) to a Chinese restaurant, a wings place and now is opening as an Italian restaurant.
But we have a groovy nice upper-class place now called the Opera House which is pretty awesome.
And there is three Mexican restaurants. Does Martin need three?

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