George Romero Sold Out On March 21

9 03 2008

A very sad Newscoma.

Friday night is sold out to see Diary of the Dead at the Belcourt. He’s not coming to the midnight showing on Saturday. I waited about a day too long. I shouldn’t have slept the weekend away and bought them right away.

I, my friends, suck.


Still going to Full Moon though. Need to get rooms and get my horror geek on.

Now, let’s vote.

Do I need a new tattoo? I have one. Do I need two?

Talk amongst yourselves.




8 responses

9 03 2008

Sleeves down both arms. yesssssss

9 03 2008

actually i could just draw them on if you want, you know some skulls n stuff

9 03 2008

Skulls. Do I look like a skulls girl?
Wait, don’t answer that question. 😉

9 03 2008

I believe the liberal use of press credentials is in order.

How about a little Cardinal somewhere only visible to those in your intimate acquaintance?

9 03 2008

Okay, it took me an hour and SQ to figure out your Cardinal reference.
Man, I so forget all the Stanford stuff. (Ignore email showing my burning case of the stoopids.)
No there will be no birds on my fabulousness. I’m thinking Vargas.

9 03 2008

What, did he allow clips from Dawn of the Dead to be used in a Wendy’s commercial? /intentional obtuseness

9 03 2008

I’m a sad camper, Lee.
But I’m going to Nashville anyway.

And it’s all possible. If Wendy’s gave me a cool mil, I’d pretend like I ate there, although Taco Bell, well I hate Taco Bell, so that would be all lying and stuff.

10 03 2008

‘Coma, I think you should get a discreet tattoo of the DHARMA logo. 😉

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