Barack Obama Gets Rolling Stone Endorsement

9 03 2008
He got Rolling Stone’s endorsement. I can’t help but wonder if it will make a difference in the long run, but it’s still kinda cool.
I can remember reading Hunter S. Thompson when I was a kid and thinking there was a much bigger world out yonder.
How many times do you type the word “yonder?” Yeah, hush.



7 responses

9 03 2008

One of my favorite comments after a playing companion makes a bad golf shot:

“Yer yonder wuz good, but yer tords wuz all messed up!”

9 03 2008

It’s about time they got their asses in gear.

Good, solid Liberal endorsement.

9 03 2008

I’m not sure about the long term effect either, but I can’t help but think the more exposure the better. I’m going to think positive because I totally heart him.

10 03 2008

Is that cover a photo or is it painted?

Either way I think RS should have gone with a different cover. That photo/painting/whatever is kind of unfortunate when it’s supposed to be an endorsement. I immediately just got a bad vibe looking at it & I know who he is, I can only imagine the effect on some not as familiar. Think RS should have done a little more market research on this one (if they did any at all).

Sorry, being a media geek again, I’ll shut up now. 😛

10 03 2008

I’m a media geek too, my dear.
It does look like a Superman thing, doesn’t it?

12 03 2008

Well, not exactly, my feeling was it makes him look unfriendly, unapproachable, unfeeling, uncaring, and all those other un- words. Even mean. What I would suggest is NOT what you want a presidential candidate to look like, especially if you’re trying to sell him to teenagers, college kids and late 20s/early 30-somethings, a number of whom aren’t paying jacksh*t attention to politics as it is and will vote one way because they like the way this candidate looks more than another one.

That’s my $0.02, which isn’t worth much but holy hoot, I think they could have done a better and more appealing and more magnetizing (was that the word I wanted) cover than that.

12 03 2008

You have a good point here.
I like th photos of the candidates that are more approachable. Well said.

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